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Where it all began...


Hello, I am Emma - salon owner, brow enthusiast and beauty educator.


I'm a self confessed workaholic and have been working in the hair and beauty industry for 10 years. I founded Vanity Rose as a mobile beauty business in 2015, shortly after graduating from Dumfries and Galloway College. Becoming a salon owner is dream come true and I'm so grateful to work alongside an amazing group of experts. I started my beauty career when my oldest son was a toddler, I had always dreamed of doing beauty, but somehow talked myself into going to University to study nursing - but that wasn't for me, I didn't last a year.


My true passion is salon life, helping clients look good and feel better. After a few years of being employed in the beauty industry whilst studying beauty therapy, I decided to take the leap to become a business owner. Vanity Rose was born shortly after the birth of my youngest son, he was only 6 weeks old! I love to watch the business grow as he grows, I often look at what we have built and pinch myself. Ever since Vanity Rose was founded, I have continued to pursue my goals, now employing 7 talented team members in a beautiful salon. I continue to provide beauty services - brows, lash lifts and nails are my specialty.


I'm qualified in teaching and education and have recently become an Official Educator for Beautiful Brows and Lashes. Opening the salon academy is a another dream come true, a place where I can share my skill set and knowledge with blossoming beauty lovers and work in partnership with some of the best brands in the industry! In addition to providing education, I have created an online shop where beauty professionals can stock up on some essential disposables, our bespoke products designed by us, and a selection of products from the amazing brands we work in partnership with. 

Emma Stairmand
Salon Owner, Beauty Therapist & Educator

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